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"The most dangerous worldviews are the worldviews of those
 who have never viewed the world." Alexander V.Humboldt


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The first picture I took was in 1993 when I bought my first "super faulty" Russian camera - Zenit 12XP. Only 2 out of 6 rolls of films were all right, because the camera broke films. Later I purchased a Praktika BX20s, which was useful until 2000, when it failed me in the most unexpected moment. It refused to work when I wandered to the foot of Mt. Everest in Nepal. And to make things worse, in my second new compact camera the battery went flat at the same time. I walked for a whole week carrying 2 cameras which I couldn‘t use. Usually I only photographed once a year to record my holiday, but the situation changed when in 2001 I bought my next analog camera of a leading brand (In this description I listed a few models of the brand, but since they ignored my emails and their service can not properly fix their own equipment I decided not to advertise them). Since then I tend to use my photo equipment more often, but with films it was usually limited due to my finance. More often than not I used the cheapest but trustworthy films such as Fuji Superia 100-400 ASA and since 1999 I started to use slides such as Fuji Sensia or Kodak Elite.
With the coming of the year 2008 I shifted to digital system. Obviously, it does not mean I resigned from my analogue camera.To prove I do not speak in vain at the and of 2008 I bought analog camera Voigtlander Bessa R3A and exactly a year later middle-format Mamiya RZ67. But, I confess I have not used them too often.
 Why do I photograph? Because our memory is fallible, and pictures are the reflection of the past. I photograph, because I want to show others what they may never see, sort of sharing my life. I take pictures, because it is my passion and I like the sound of a shutter.
 If you want to find out whereabouts of any exhibition, slideshow or lecture I organise, I invite you to like my new Facebook fan page: Filla Photography that I launched in 2018 in conjunction with my project about Rain Forest.


Since my childhood I‘ve had a passion for bicycles. Initially, I had a very popular Russian bicycle, but when I reached age of 14 I bought a second hand road bike. In my spare time together with my other friends we organized day trips within 60-70km of my village. In 1993 I bought a bicycle, which was a subject of my dream a new "Scott" trekking bike, from which my passion for traveling has started.

Why do I travel? Because I like to discover and learn from my discoveries. It is like getting away from distorted reality that surrounds us, which is created by people who possess power and money. Therefore, I can create my own empirical reality based on observation and understanding of the real world.

Written about me

There have been many articles written in news papers about myself, but all of them are in Polish. There was one written in German from an Swiss news paper "TAGBLATT" that I decided to include here. As in every news paper some of the information is untrue. For example it is written there that I ate a sausage but in fact it was a cheese roll, since I do not eat meet as a vegetarian. But after all it is nice memento.


Vegetarianism / Veganism

Since 1989 Vegetarianism and 2010 veganism have been an essential part of my life, resulting from my concern with the world. I try to live, as much as it is possible, in a harmony with the world that surrounds us, therefore whenever I can I use a bicycle, I buy products that don't leave too much rubbish etc.
In the book "The Future Of Life" Edward.O.Wilson writes: "The current world production of grains, which provide most of humanity’s calories, is about 2 billion tons annually. That is enough, in theory, to feed 10 billion East Indians, who eat primarily grains and very little meat by Western standards. But the same amount can support only about 2.5 billion Americans, who convert a large part of their grains into livestock and poultry." When I travel across the world I see skinny and malnourished people. World consumption of meat escalates the problem of hunger, because plants that are used to feed animals would feed the 2/3 of undernourished humans. The Amazon rainforest disappears to "produce" cheap burgers and nuggets mainly for the Western Nations.
When I write,' I care about our world', I also think of the cruelty and tortures of farmed animals. They sense pain exactly in the same way as we do. Billions of animals are treated as units in meat, milk and egg productions. They will never receive a chance to fulfil their emotional needs, to have permanent and strong relationship with other animals. Their life span depends on a businesses plan of a farmer and a production technology. An institutionalized, mass violence, indifferent for almost entire society. I encourage you to watch the following films as they only last a few minutes. It is worth to ask yourself, if consumption of meat and wearing animal products increase the demand and at the same time you contribute to treating animals in the way shown in these films.
There are many aspects of vegetarianism about which I am not mentioning, because the gallery is not a place for that. In the internet there are many publications which are worth of interest if you are not indifferent. For example: , or the following films:

About the website

The gallery was launched in December 2004. Ever since I added some pictures and changed the graphic layout. I converted the HTML language to XHTML and PHP. It seems to me that this form of the gallery is user friendly and looks good in all popular internet browsers. The main changes happened within the first year of its existence. Later there were little cosmetic changes and I launched the English version. If you want to see (compare) my gallery at the very beginning of its existance in December 2004, you can look here: In 2010 I changed the main colour of the background from blue to green In 2019 the website has gone through some modifications. I changed navigation and added an option to see (scroll down) the pictures on mobile phone. Along with this changes I removed the link to a Guest Book from the main menu, which in the past was an integral part of many websites. Under this link there are archival entries from that Guest Book.

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