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"The most dangerous worldviews are the worldviews of those
 who have never viewed the world." Alexander V.Humboldt


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June 2020

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August 2019

If you became acquainted with my project and things I do and you think, that my work makes sense, please, think of supporting it financially or with equipment. If you see any options for cooperation, let me know about it. Or if you know any party, that would help me, please inform me or them.

In the fall of 2018 I endeavoured to approach many large institutions and organisations about subsidising some frames and prints in my project. The answers were always the same "we do not subsidise individuals". Others replied, that the most important are priorities, that is, fighting with the smog and others were focused on elections. One of my first questions when meeting the officials was: "Have you heard about the sixth mass extinction? ". In all those institutions, including the Provincial Department of Environment in Katowice the answer was always negative. After all this, I started to be under the impression that all these bureaucrats occupying those cushy jobs, live in an airy-fairy world away from the reality. They worry about elections, statistics, numbers and satisfying those who supervise them. It worries me and I think, it is very sad.


  1. Raising awareness about tropical rain forests and their unparalleled uniqueness.
  2. Sensitising to the beauty of all nature and its integrity as a network of dependencies.
  3. Encouraging young people to develop interest and actively getting involved to protection of nature.
  4. Instilling in young people curiosity of the world and the urge to learn what is different (nature, culture, geography).
  5. Emphasizing the ecological ethics that has its translation in human and animal rights.
  6. Popularising the photography of Nature.


September 2021

ATTENTION ! Due to the international scam with the so called "pandemic", I was forced to suspend my project.

The circumstances related to the pandemic and my experience, prompted me to write a book with a controversial title: Why we will not save the rainforests?

September 2018

Human activity along with technology and an increasing population have begun The Sixth Mass Extinction. At this moment the most important battle to preserve biodiversity focuses on the tropical rainforests, which are disappearing at an alarming rate under the pressure of globalisation. These forests cover less than 5% of land (10% in the past) and scientists estimate that up to 70% of all land species of fauna and flora exist in them. Raising knowledge about the Natural World should be the priority of all educational systems everywhere and the fact that this is clearly not so, simply proves our attitude towards nature which gives credibility to the statements of the experts. Therefore I try to contribute in one way or another for the preservation of these places by raising awareness using my pictures from tropical forests and sharing my knowledge with people of all ages but particularly focusing on the youth. I believe that by raising awareness and knowledge about Nature, we are closer to understanding the natural processes that are taking place around us and at the same time we gain more respect for the natural world. The education is not only important for the welfare of humanity but the survival of the rest of life. Mankind has started the process of the Sixth Extinction and only mankind can be the one to minimize it.

As well as the exhibitions and lectures, in the future, I would like to release a photo-book about rainforests when I assemble a sufficient amount of adequate pictures. So far I work alone and invest in the project a massive amount of time. I need financial support for the realisation of my plans. So far I have financed all expenses from my pocket, like the purchase of professional photo gear or ventures into the tropics. If the project is going to be effective it needs to be developed and continued. Out of my observation, I think, in Poland, the topic is niche and little known. Many photographers concentrate on the local natural world, which in my opinion is very important but having in mind biodiversity these are two different worlds. I get the impression, that other travellers and photographers, often show jungle through the prism of "great adventure", zip-lines, rafting, dangerous animals or "wild tribes" and so on. It is no the true image, that is created by the "western world". I want to show and tell about the jungle what it actually is - the ancient, beautiful, mysterious, astonishing with all the treasure of processes that escape the public imagination. From my own experience as a photographer, I can say that working in the rainforests is very challenging and demanding. It is a region, that requires good physical fitness and the accessibility is often limited. Above all, the climate is devastating for the photo equipment. I try to reduce the cost of travelling on all levels, but despite this, going in to these regions is often more expensive than other areas of The Natural World in the temperate zone.

I have divided my project into three stages. First of them is travel to Central America from the end of October 2018 to April 2019 (accomplished). Next, the organisation of exhibitions and meetings until the end of September 2019. The second stage is another long-term journey to South-East Asia from Mekong Delta to Indonesia (accomplished). After coming back I want to organise next, lectures and exhibitions. The third stage, which is at the moment a distant plan, is a journey to the Amazon Rainforest and the cloud forest of east Andes. The money I would like to allot to financing all the mentioned above activities such as exhibitions and information meetings on the local and national level, not excluding meetings beyond the borders of my country. As well, I would like to spend the money on covering some expenses for travelling. At the moment I devote all my time to the project, just to mention a few things like, sorting and preparing photographing materials, reorganizing my website or preparing for my next journey. Because of my full-time commitment to the project, I support myself only through my previously earned savings. I have to replace the well worn out or stolen photographic equipment (during the trip in Nicaragua I lost a camera with pictures). In the end, I would like to emphasize that I do not look for fame or glory, but only the promotion and popularisation of knowledge about rainforests important for their survival which will benefit the future generations and all the inhabitants (beings) of this planet. At the age of the growing crisis of the failing biodiversity, every activity on behalf of the preservation of the natural balance should be imperative.

Together with the implementation of the project I have began the Facebook Fanpage: Filla Photography

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