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"The most dangerous worldviews are the worldviews of those
 who have never viewed the world." Alexander V.Humboldt



I wish the world was a better place. Through photography and writing, I try to provide people with information and the reality that I witness. This website contains many photos and data to convey knowledge about the world. I'm not financed, and I don't represent any organisation or political faction. Since the beginning of 2004, no adverts have appeared on my website www.filla.pl, and I hope that this will never happen for the comfort of visitors. To achieve this, I appreciate any support. If you like my work and want to appreciate it, in return, you can buy me a symbolic coffee, or any other way you like :)

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All the photos in this gallery are the result of my passion for photography, travel, and nature. The pictures presented here have not been changed in any digital manner. They depict the world in the way I see it and are the evidence of places I visited. It's unacceptable for me to add and remove any elements or to modify colours that distort the original image. Exceptions are just defects created as a result of film scanning. I don't approve of framing in the post-process, I try to approach the object with my camera as close as possible and then frame the shot. The composition creates good photography. When taking pictures with transparency, we have the composition and exposition set before releasing the shutter, and then there is not much room for a change. The photographs presented here have been taken over the last two decades. You can see the changing quality throughout the years, along with gaining experience. Nevertheless, they have a documentary value of the past. Please take your time to look at them.
Krzysztof Filla

My formula for a good picture:
  - 50% to be there
  - 40% skills
  - 10% equipment

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