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February 2006     [ part 1 ]
In the Gallery there are photos from different parts of the world, because my camera is my most faithful companion in traveling. Since my birth I live in Ornontowice (a large village in the south of Poland with 5500 inhabitants, the region is called Silesia) and I almost never photographed my own village. In Autumn last year 2005 I decided to change it. In my spare time I'd been taking my camera, tripod and set out in searching of subjects. Out of the dozen or so days spent on photographing I have the pleasure to present the winter-autumn material. My intension was to show Ornontowice as a village. It wasn't difficult task, because as a matter of fact it is a village. On the other hand I had to look with new perspective at places which I am used to. A human being in its nature gets accustomed to surroundings and does not perceive certain things in the same way when arrives to a totally new place. I suspect that some local residents may discover some new sites which they have never seen before. And for visitors from different continents these places may seem a bit exotic. Well, I invite you to have a look.

February 2007     [ part 2 ]
This time I present pictures that I took during the last 3 months of winter (2006/07). They do not look very snowy but as it happened the winter has been very mild.
The pictures were taken on slides and negative films the same as the part one.

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