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TYPE OF FILM:Slajd: Kodak Elite 100

In 2003 I was actively involved in Woodstock Stop, as a volunteer in Peace Patrol (red t-shirts). Therefore as a photographer my time was limited due to my assigned duties. A couple of hours of my free time I did not use for resting as the other members of my group, but used for photographing. Despite having an identification tag and a peace patrol t-shirt, a few times other members of the peace patrol physically prevented me from taking pictures. Once I was stopped and overpowered by a squad who insulting me with vulgarities carried me to the back of the main stage in order for me to explain why I was taking pictures. Additionally one of my lenses got broken down which I discovered after developing the films and for that reason I had to throw away 1/3 of my shots. Nevertheless, after all the difficulties and troubles I have the pleasure to present this material. I try to show Woodstock Stop in the way I see it and I do not manipulate neither in positive nor negative side of it. If not photography, we would not have today so many documents and evidences from many historical events, such as Woodstock from 1969. Those manipulative individuals who want to show Woodstock Stop in a negative light will still do it after all, thanks to the newest technical achievements and in spite of all photography ban.
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