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About 3 million years ago, on account of the tectonic upheaval, a land bridge was created between Northern and Southern America as we call it today - the Isthmus of Panama. The fame of the Panama Canal allows most people to associate the country with the specific place on our globe. The land divids the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea at some places only by 50 km. Although geographically Panama is part of the North America but culturally and environmentally it belongs to the South. In order to reconcile these two facts a separate political region of Central America has been created. The new prehistoric land connection of the two continents launched a species migration towards both Americas. In countries like Panama or Costa Rica it is possible to observe creatures that finished their migrations there and overlap the territories. Other organisms found unknown niches and in the result over a period of time adopted as new species. All this, make the land very interesting for enthusiasts of the natural world.
For this reason, Central America had been known as the biodiversity hotspot for amphibians and many biotopes were bursting with choruses of croaking. Unfortunately, last decades have brought changes in the environment and the choruses turned silent. The main culprit behind the vanishing of frogs is the chytrids fungi that attack the amphibians and is in hefty part responsible for extinction and disappearance of many frogs species from their natural habitats. One of them has been the Panamanian golden frog (Atelopus zeteki) which is the symbol of the natural world in Panama and has not been found for 15 years. Panama is losing the tropical forests at the rate of 0.75% a year, mainly converting them to pastures. However the success of Costa Rica in reversing the process, slowly changes the attitude towards the potential of nature in an economic development.
I invite you to have a look at the remaining pictures from the second part of my traveling. Pictures from the first part had been stolen along with my camera.

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TYPE OF EXPEDITION: A phase of 6 month journey in Central America. Part of MY PROJECT.
DURATION: 55 days.
PHOTOSENSITIVE MATERIAL: Digital - FF 26 Mpx and APS-C 24 Mpx.

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