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Ireland, sometimes called "the emerald Isle" it is the land of ever green pastures, overcast and rainy days and endless flow of Guinness. It is the historic ground of Celts and druids, where legends, myths and beliefs leave its mark. After about 800 years of oppression and exploitation by the Brits, the Irish regained its independence in the year 1921. Many years of resistance against the oppressor built a strong Irish identity and unity amongst the descendants of the Celtic nation. The person who without a shadow of the doubt is associated with this county is Saint Patrick, the bishop, who propagated Catholicism in the entire country. For this reason the name Patrick or Padruig is one of the most popular names in the country. For centuries, until recently, the Republic of Ireland was mainly Roman Catholic except Northern Ireland.
I have divided the pictures according to the principle that the nature photographs are without anthropogenic elements, that means they should devoid of any landscape modified by humans. I think, that nowadays it is not easy, when agriculture and technology are part of the landscape and there are less and less pristine areas left. All the pictures were taken mainly in County Kerry, Cork and Clare (South-West Ireland).

PHOTOSENSITIVE MATERIAL: NEGATIVE: Kodak VR Plus 200; Fuji superia 200; Konika 200;
SLIDE: Kodak Elite 100; fuji sensia 100; 200; fuji velvia 100;
DIGITAL SENSORS: FF 12 Mpx and APS-C 10 Mpx;

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