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Photograps 2020

Sumatra. It is the sixth largest island in the world (474 tys. km2) situated in the north-west part of the Malayan Archipelago. It stretches from the north of Java island for 1790 km. and in the middle of this distance it is divided by the equator. It is precisely this equatorial location combined with the yearlong precipitation and the dynamic volcanic activity that make this island a unique place not only to the nature enthusiasts but for all. Unfortunately this uniqueness, as in most regions in South East Asia, has been largely disturbed by mankind, what I have witnessed during my 5 months stay on the Island. The loss and degradation of natural habitats along with intensive poaching contributed to the extremely alarming decline of many species populations. For example the population of the iconic Sumatran rhinoceros has dropped from 300 to 80 individuals in just as little as 20 years. At exactly the same time Sumatra has lost 40-50% of its forest.
I had planned to stay in Sumatra for 2 months but the development of pandemic covid-19 incorporated into agenda by media and politicians extended the duration of my stay for another 3 months due to the lockdown of many countries. It reduced my mobility and fuelled antagonism towards caucasians, after the statement of the president of Indonesia about alleged spread of the virus by westerners. Despite this, most of the locals happened to be very friendly in contrast to my fellow countrymen. This kindness gave me the sense of welcome in this difficult for all time. In spite of the difficulties and temporarily closed forests I managed to create this photographic record, which I hope will induce the spectators towards further curiosity and interest of this beautiful and exceptional ecosystems that are so beneficial to all people. I also hope, that with the viewer's interest there will be understanding of the role which play our western nations in the continues destruction of Sumatran and as well other tropical forest worldwide.

Records showing my experiences in the jungle:

TYPE OF EXPEDITION: Next 10 month phase of MY PROJECT in S.E. Asia.
PERIOD: 16/03/2020 - 10/08/2020 .
DURATION: 145 days.
PHOTOSENSITIVE MATERIAL: Digital - FF 26 Mpx and APS-C 24 Mpx.

Photograps 2012

Indonesia spanning from one corner to another in a straight line measures about 5500km. It consist of about 17500 islands and 3 of them are one of the biggest on the planet. Its population reaches 275 million people. All this, places Indonesia just behind other giant countries like, USA.
I decided to spend there 3 months and see a few islands in one go. I started from one region - Arfak mountains in west Papua than crossed Sulawesi, South Borneo and Java. In consequence, I learned that I planned too much for such short time, considering the immensity of these places and very slow and infrequent local transportation (ferries and buses). It was my second trip to SE Asia after visiting Malaysia 2 years earlier, where I had been greatly impressed by the ancient tropical forest. This trip, was to be the continuation of my growing love affair with these swiftly disappearing wonders of evolution.

TYPE OF EXPEDITION: Backpacking. Recognition and exploration of rain forest.
APPROACH: A plane.
PERIOD: From 07/02/2012 to 03/05/2012.
DURATION: 81 days in Indonesia + 3 days in Singapore.
AVERAGE COST OF LIVING: 11 € per day (it's more if travelling alone and without a tent).
PHOTOSENSITIVE MATERIAL: Digital - FF 12 Mpx and APS-C 10 Mpx.

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